Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Top DIY Car Hacks

So you got a car - but it's not the one you really wanted. The dealer was all out of Transformers? Now you can do you own car-mods. Here's the top 10 do-it-yourself car hacks. I'll give them to you one at a time so you can have time to take your car to the repair shop between hacks.

10. Make your own storage spaceJust because your car's designer was uninspired by the driver's-side space doesn't mean you can't have convenience and easy storage within arm's reach. Using some duct tape, yogurt cups, and other common items, you can put together your own DIY car console, or spend a bit more time and care to craft something a bit more slick-looking. And, while not technically all-the-way-DIY, adhering a sticky pad to your dashboard can serve as seriously convenient, no-stick place to keep your gadgets.


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