Wednesday, June 18, 2008

No Such Thing as a Minimum Purchase Requirement

One of my pet peeves is retail ripoff's. Lateley it seems that everyone is stating that you must purchase a minimum dollar amount to use a credit or debit card.
MasterCard says this is a violation of the agreement they have with their merchants. I know the cost of everything is going up, but I didn't choose for those merchants to get in the retail business. There is no reason for me to cough up extra money just to make a purchase.

The following link is MasterCards page to report a merchant/retailer violation. I may print out this page and just stick it in my pocket when I go shopping.

Here is a list of MasterCards merchant/retailer violations:

In order to make a MasterCard purchase, the merchant/retailer required a minimum or maximum amount.

The merchant/retailer is adding a charge for using your MasterCard card.

The merchant/retailer required identification.

A merchant/retailer displaying the MasterCard decal in their window refused to accept my MasterCard card.

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