Monday, May 5, 2008

Madden 09 deets

It's almost that time again. Madden 09 (or Madden 20) is just around the corner. I can't believe it's been 20years of this epic football game.

Sometimes I think "what if they just named it football instead of Madden" we could have been finished hearing Madden say things like "here's the play I would run" years ago. Anyway's the rumor is that Madden won't actually be in this game at all -we can keep our fingers crossed on that rumor. In the meantime, check out some real details:

Madden IQ system: players train in a holographic environment, which grants them a "Madden IQ" based on their practice in 12 different drills. The game's difficulty adjusts itself to the player's Madden IQ.

EA Sports Backtrack: the game analyzes the player's playing ability and points out mistakes during gameplay a la a television-styled telestrator

Improved online leagues: server-based leagues, supporting up to 32 players, with full schedules including the playoffs and the Super Bowl as well as a draft and trade support. Schedules can be played in a round-robin style as well.

Revamped graphics: Improved stadium models, new weather particle system, new lighting models, new player models, field goal nets, user-controlled celebrations, and Total Control animation system. There are now clear visors.

Improved gameplay: Offensive line slide protection, smart routes, formation substitutions, and new player weapon types.

Revamped franchise mode: Simulated stats have been improved (e.g. fewer running backs gaining 2,000+ yards in one season), rivalry games have special value and played games have more crowd and television intensity.

On-demand picture-in-picture play-call window: Picture-in-picture style interface to allow the player to see key information and call plays and formations without leaving the current window.


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