Tuesday, May 6, 2008

GTA 4 lol moments

Here are some funny GTA 4 moments snatched off the net:

Posted 5/5/2008 3:38:59 PM
message detail heres 2 of mine:

I just put one of Brucie's cars in his garage, and so I was looking for a ride, when a speeding car just came out of no where and clipped the back of a family car. People were screaming and some stuck around saying stuff like "Jesus..." and "OH MY GOD!!". The guy who hit the family car limped out of his, I checked the driver of the one who was hit, and she was dead on the wheel. So I jacked her car, and when Niko gave her body a little tug she just fell out, and Niko gracefully said "I need this more than you do".

Free roaming with some mates, 3 of us decided to get into a helicopter we were flying (I flew) around the airport when some other dude shot at us with an RPG, he got very lucky as it just hit the tail rotor, and blew the rotor off.
We were going down so I attempted to line it up with the airstrip for a crash landing, we were moving forward so fast that when it hit the ground it skidded for ages, the tail came clean off and was following behind us, my mate decided to jump out but he was killed when he slammed into the tail.
The body of the chopper rolled onto it's side and continued to head straight into a wall. With a loud crash my other mate died instantly from the impact. When I jumped out, JUST as I was getting up the tail came out from behind the camera and clipped me in between the helicopter's body and the tail which was recently torn off.

Posted 5/5/2008 3:56:21 PM
message detail Camping the Annihilator spawn points in Free Mode with an RPG-7.

My personal favorite was this group of clan members (about 5) kept asking where to get the choppers when some random guy offered to pick them up in his chopper and then drop them off at the helicopter spawn point.

As soon as I heard this; I immediately drive my car to the airport and pick up the RPG-7 near the entrance and then drive to the landing pads.

I take cover behind one of those vent things near the landing pads with my RPG ready. Once the one guy drops them off, he stays hovering waiting for them to take off so they can both run around doing whatever around the city. The group he drops off piles into a helicopter and just when it starts to lift off the ground; I jump out from behind cover and fired a rocket at the chopper and it hits it dead on and blows it up. The mic chatter immediately turns into a flame war and trash talking but meanwhile, the guy who dropped him off was sitting there laughing so I decided to blow him out of the sky as well.

Posted 5/5/2008 4:24:00 PM
message detail One time in free mode I got a street bike, and my friend hopped on. When I got on I brought it up to full speed on the free way, and then my friend said "This is yag (read backwards) the way we are spooning----" and right as he said this the bike hits a little bump in the road goes flying forward at a downward slant with the back slightly in the air and my friend in the back gets completely taken out by a free way sign that his head hit and took him straight off the bike. I was able to land it with complete awe of where my pal had even gone noticing that there was no partner on the back of my bike anymore.

Posted 5/6/2008 8:15:15 AM
message detail Was about to finish a mission. Was on a bike and was going full speed at the yellow check thinking I was done. Well, there was a pole and even though the game stops you automatically and advances to next screen or whatever. The pole was close enough and I was going fast enough. Hit the break a bit as I always do but caught a weird angle and I ran directly into it with my head mostly at full speed on a harley and had the funniest animation ever. I died as I was already low on health. Had to re-do the mission.

Pure entertainment!


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