Thursday, April 3, 2008

Pipe feeds to your Dash Express

I am loving my Dash Express! One of the great things about this device is playing with georss feeds. This is currently the only device in which you can pull in georss information from the internet, and then search it live from your gps. I have found some great feeds on yahoopipes. Some of the feeds you can add to your device are live weather forcasts, news from just about any source, apartment listings, etc. Using yahoopipes also allows you to customise specific information that is relevant to you. For instance, not only can you search for an apartment close to you, but you can narrow it down to searching for aparments near Starbucks, and near a train station, or any other options that you can think of. You could literally spend hours dreaming or twisting pipes to see what you can pull out. If you don't have a Dash yet, consider it for your next GPS, if you like tinkering, and playing with future tech, you won't be disappointed.


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