Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Dash Express with eye-spy

As pointed out by Dash Express forum member mdoar: "I wonder why Dash added support for a camera."

Upon clicking the link to the openmoko wiki page you can see several specifications you'd expect to see in a common GPS:

1.1 Processor
1.2 Flash
1.3 RAM
1.5 SD-Card
1.6 LCD Module (LCM)
1.7 Camera
1.8 Light Sensor
1.9 Power Management
1.10 WiFi
1.11 GPS

WAIT!! 1.7 - Camera!!

We already know that DE has wifi and GPRS capability - we could only dream about the wild possibilities that a cam could bring into the mix. Here are some crazy ideas that I hope stick.

1. traffic cams - man this would be great to actually be able to log in to traffic cams along your route to confirm the info Dash is already sending to you.

2. backup cam - this way I could see you before I run you over

3. webcam - this way you could see me before I run you over

Here are the basic specs for the cam chip: Camera
The Omnivision OM7670 Camerachip Image Sensor, is a low-voltage, low-power CMOS camera chip, capable of operating at 30fps on VGA resolution.

You won't be producing any hollywood movies (unless there is another writers strike - FOX network, can you hear me!), but it will get the job done.

Anyway's the possibilities are endless - I guess now that the cat is out of the bag, we'll wait to see if Dash has anything to say about this feature.


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