Monday, April 14, 2008

Brand New GTA4 Deets

OXM magazine has given GTA4 its first 10/10 review and they has also released some new details for you to slobber all over:

*Skipping a trip in a taxi costs more than simply sitting back and enjoying the view of the driver's head

*The Statue of Happiness is clutching a coffee cup rather than the torch her real life counterpart has
Some celebrity voice actors play themselves in the game.

*Like Crackdown's Orbs, the collectable (hidden packages?) in GTA IV make a soft sound as you get close to them, aiding you in finding them all

*Your in-game email account will get the odd piece of spam

*Driving through flames will set a car's tires on fire, causing them to burst after a while

*One mission involves traveling across town with two bodies in the trunk - if you hit a bump and it opens, you'll have to scramble to close it again before any passers-by notice

*The mobile phone you receive at the start of the game is an old, second hand model capable only of calling and texting. You'll need to wait for an upgrade later in the story to unlock the full functionality that people get from more modern models.


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