Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Dash Express Countdown

Well, it appears that the long awaited Dash Express GPS will finally be shipping. I've added a countdown widget so you can countdown also. As you may know, there have been several delays in getting this product out, so now that we are so near to the ship date of March 27th, I asked Dash a few specific questions concerning the shipping. I really liked their responses:

Q: Can you go into detail concerning the "launch"?
Does this mean that I can expect to have a tracking # on the 27th?

A: We will be using overnight shipping so you should have the device for the weekend. I will need to get back to you on the tracking number front... I have a question into the person who knows.

Q: what method of shipping will you be using?

A: overnight shipping

Q: Are there any mitigating issues that will delay the launch or cause us to have units that are not completely functional?

A: We are all systems go for launch, and there are no known issues that will impair your functionality.

Q: Are ALL of the pre-orders shipping on the 27th or is there a rollout?

A: We love our customers that pre-ordered for us, so we are shipping those out first.

Thanks to Mark Williamson @ Dash. I really feel like although this company did have a few hiccups in delivering information, they have really improved in getting info to their customers. If they deliver as expected on this product, and come through with stellar customer service, they will seriously shake the competition.


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