Thursday, March 6, 2008

Dash Express 3D view!!

Dash came through with their much awaited 3d view for their upcoming Dash Express GPS. If you don't know what the Dash Express is, check it out. I need you to buy one so you can be added to my traffic network.

Anyway's, I have posted a few pics of the 3D view from their blog:

3d view without a route set:The screen shots below shows 3d view without a route set. As you can see, there is traffic data along some of the surface streets and major arterials . As you can see, you can zoom in and out in our 3d mode with the "minus" and "plus" buttons. The compass not only shows you what direction you are driving, but touching it toggles you into 2d view

Here is the same screen in night mode:
Jump to Dash's Site for more pics and info:


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